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post #1 of 34 Old 12-11-2010, 03:07 PM
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Gold Rush, Alaska - Discovery Channel

Hey champs -

Anyone else watching this show on discovery? I've watched the first 2 episodes so far, and without words. It starts with a few people from Oregon that get as much money out of their houses, financed, maxed out and all that, then drive up to porcupine creek, AK. That is questionable right there, like taking out a mortgage and throwing it on red in Vegas.

Honestly, I think somebody is going to die on this show, these guys are flat out WAY out of their league.

They are doing this on a whim, not 1 thing planned out.

1. They drive excavator across a river, I'm curious if thats even legal. Surprised it made it, they smashed their gator doing it.

2. Snapped a massive cable winch, trying to load their tractor trailer flatbed. Same idiot almost ruined it unloading it, as he was in a rush for some reason?

3. Nobody seems to know how to run heavy equipment.

4. Guy almost sawed his leg off trying to start a chain saw.

5. Had a brown bear in camp for having kids there leaving food around, then they went a shot a black bear....? Surprised AK DOW isn't concerned they all have rifles and only 1 bear tag? But they all shooting at it...

6. Old man smashes his truck with the excavator. Says no biggie lol...

7. Nobody really has mining experience? Old man does from 30 years ago, he is in a major rush randomly digging holes.

8. See the old man with the pistol shooting it? Surprised by the way he was holding it, didn't recoil into his face.

9. Drove to Anchorage with out enough money for a very crucial piece of equipment? Might have just been over there...

10. 1 guy showed up in a tent for the summer?

11. They are building structures for 3 months to stay in, have RV's, generators, then they put canvass material for a roof? None of that makes any sense. They talk about roughing it with heated running water and all that equipment?

What are your thoughts on this? Law suit coming for Discovery?
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I watch it too. The bad part about these reality shows is putting to much stock into it being reality..........Most of these shows seem almost planned. Like someone in the trees keys his mic and says "release bear number two"....etc. LOL DOn't get me wrong, I like watching these types of things, but there is always that nagging thought about how much is planned and staged to make it more entertaining.

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I saw the 2nd one. Thought I saw a Grizz or two on there too ;)
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i watched about 30 mins and couldnt stand it. These guys have either a) no common sense what-so-ever about heavy equipment or b) trying to make the show better.

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I didn't see it but it sounds exactly like what happens every year here for real. This story actually sounds tame to the real ones you hear about people with gold dreams. The Porcupine has a lot of claims and some active mines. No problem buying claims and driving your equipment there. You can get permits to cross a andronomous stream and I don't think you need one if it's not. You can shoot bears here in defense of life and PROPERTY, a bear coming into camp qualifies for most people. No hunting license needed to have guns for protection. Anybody can carry concealed weapons in this state with no permits needed. No tags needed to hunt black bear- only Grizz. You can kill at least 2 blackbear per year and more in some places.
So if ya think this show is some made up unreal fabrication- this is exactly what it's like in reality when idiots do their thing in alaska

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I've been watching it too, and agree on all points above. My commentary:

A) the old man has lost it & needs better dentures

B) guns--- I like the old man shooting at the bear with a small caliber hand gun(and almosttaking a plug of skin off his thumb while at it)

------ guy with the AR. Assuming it's a standard .223. WTF is he thinking about killing a bear with it. Aroung here they're illegal to use to dear hunt due to caliber size. I guess if you put enough holes in something it'll eventually drop

That's all I got for nowother than adding these people have steel balls to sell everything & pursue what they are doing

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I've watched the first 2 episodes as well. It's almost sureal. I agree with all the other comments.

- An AR-15 in to protect against bears?
- A Tent?
- Bringing small children to a place that you know is dangerous and have never been to before.
- Leaving food laying around the camp and then shoot the bear that goes after it?
- Randomly digging holes on a 160 acre tract because someone 'just knows' there gold there.
- The one guy (who almost cut his leg off starting the chain saw) builds a shack with 4 foot high, plywood side walls & canvas top and now feels safe from 500 lb. bears???
- These guys appear to think a bear is only going to use the front door to come into their shack and that's all they need to secure.
- 3 months to do this all in

I could go on and on.....

I don't know if it's naivety, stupid, testosterone, greed, or a reality TV show that's driving this.

That says something about the state of mind these guys are in.


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Man I've got to tune in to this show just to see these idiots in action.
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sounds like a typical reality show. It wouldn`t last 5 minutes on my tv.

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they say that they have put all their money into this farce,what happens when they go home? Do you wonder if the shows' producers are going to cover their butts if they fail to find gold?
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Just because its says reality doesn't. Watch closely on Ice Road Truckers. The girl will have her seat belt on then off then on when they flip back and forth between inside and outside cameras
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Originally Posted by parrish View Post
they say that they have put all their money into this farce,what happens when they go home? Do you wonder if the shows' producers are going to cover their butts if they fail to find gold?

X2 and x2 on what DEWFPO said.

Everything about this show, somebody is going to get seriously hurt and I think possibly get Discovery sued.

I really wonder if they don't find gold, will they go back and all end up on the streets? Probably not. Discovery will bail them out, then they will all be "experts" or "hero's" overnight.

I think AK could see this grow by about 100x if they find gold, every idiot will be mortgaging their house and then drive up there.

Hell, maybe even nature activists will show up on set. I'm sure they could be easily wounding quite a few bears shooting like that.
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Ok, LOOK AT THIS!!! For those who haven't seen the show, watch them ruin their gator! This is what the show is like for an hour, I hate reality TV, but I can't not watch these clowns.

This is why the idiots took an excavator across the creek, down in lower 48, thats a nice river. Why the hell test it with a Gator and not just use the boom on the excavator?
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We've been panning in Alaska and our friend got 55 ounces last year. He has a claim and we will be joining him, running dredges in the river. We will be carrying a shotgun(similiar to Sarah's) and Judges(45/410) in our holsters.

No heavy equipment other than our Grizzlies(ATVs), a Hydroplane(boat) and our RVs.

Watching the show to remind us what not to do!

When staying in tents we put up low voltage wire to help alert us, etc.-having seen many Black and Brown bears.

One fishing near us on the Kenai-

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$1398.20 (current price) x 55oz = $76,890.

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