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07 700 Trouble

Hi Guys,
My 4wd is doing some weird stuff, firstly with all 4 wheels off the ground(not in 4x4) if i spin 1 front wheel the other side also spins but in the opposite direction, im pretty sure that shouldnt happen. 2nd my diff lock when engaged the light flashes, seems to work while i have it in the air although suddenly now(while in the air will all 4 wheels off the ground) if i gas it it spits and sputters like when its in reverse. Diff lock hasnt worked properly in a while, im pretty sure its the servo its the front wheels that seem to engaged that has me worried.
Ant thoughts.
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WWW.501 parts.com oleblue22 is the person you want to talk to. He is a GC member and site sponsor.

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X2 on oleblue22!

You can go to Tools, Advanced Search, Search by User Name - to find numerous posts by him that might help, or at least show he is the person to ask!

And, I'm pretty sure any differential will have one wheel spin the opposite direction when in the air.

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It seems your servo is not working. When in 2wd, the front wheels are unlocked from each other. When you spin one tire, the other should stay still.
When in 4wd, you will get the results you got. Spin or tire forward, the other tire will spin backwards. That's normal operation. It's due to how a open differential works with spider gears.

Only lift the front of the bike, place the switch into 2wd and see if you can still turn both front tires at the same time (in the same direction). If the servo is working correctly, you should have no problem doing so. But I am betting in your case, your will not be able to do it. I suspect your stuck in 4wd.

When you operate the switch between 2wd/4wd/diff-lock, do you hear a noise coming from the servo? You should.

I'll also second what others have said. Go to 501parts.com website. Follow the troubleshooting information there.
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I can hear the servo both for 4x4 and diff lock. with the front lifted and in 2wd the wheels both spin, opposite of each other, if i engage 4x4 they wont spin. So i suppose that its stuck in 4wd but the fronts dont lock until i put it 4x4. Is there a servo for the transfer case, does it even have a transfer case....
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No transfer case.
With all 4 off the ground in 2x4, if you hold the front, the rear tire(s) can be turned by hand as the diff. is disengaged. You should see the front driveshaft turn with the rear tires.
In 4x4, holding the front brake should prevent you from turning the rear tires.

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Thanks guys for all the recommendations, I appreciate it.

From what you are saying, it is stuck in 4wd and not going into diff lock causing the sputtering like others have said. There are some things you can test to narrow down what your problem is.

First, pull the servo off the differential and do the two c-battery test on it to ensure it's working properly. You'll have the 3B4 servo on the 2008 so you can fast forward to that in the video if you need help testing that.

The servo should go from the F mark on the black case (2wd) to the R mark (diff lock). If it does, I'd consider it working properly for now.

Next reach inside the diff and make sure you can slide the gear back and forth with your finger, you may have to roll a front wheel a bit, but it should go freely back and forth.

If it does, I would check the relays next.
On the 07-08's you have the 5EA relay which is a black relay usually has NAIS on top with the 5EA number in small writing and you have two 5DM relays. They say Omron on top with a G8HN-1C4t number on top.. Two of the G8HN relays operate the 4wd and the 5EA should control the diff lock.

If you find your relays are functioning properly, go ahead and check your switch. There is a video on that also that you may find helpful.

See where you get after you do this, just remember, servo, relays, and switch..major 4wd electrical components. The CDI does come into play to but typically that is the last thing to mess with. Wiring also can be and is a common issue. If you get to that point, you'll want to give your wiring from the servo and relays a good check looking for breaks and tears in the wiring insulation.

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