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  • waltinbatonrouge ·
    Hi desertdweller..I hope all is well with you. I hesitated sending a note to you but finally had to...

    I have been a sponsor on GrizzlyCentral for many months now...Our clutch block business has grown and is doing well..

    On various threads I have offered respected advice and have garnered a fine feedback rating and reputation...

    But I need your help...I sold a set of our blocks to CivicGSR some months back, he used stall springs with them and ruined them quickly.

    With 3 other GC customers out of the many dozens we've sold to, I PM'd them, explained why they failed, set them another set gratis, they removed the stall springs and drove off into the sunset...Not CivicGSR..he continues to bash me, the latest message is February 18th, when a member asked whether he should try a set. Please read his reply as well as the response from me when he first began to complain.

    I am simply requesting that you ask him to back off the bashing.
    enough already....
    I welcome your thoughts...
    thanks walt zweifel
    jwpowerparts / www.atv911.com

    Please suggest
    Hey Ray your over where the big fires are ?????

    I live in the city but the fires are where I ride.
    It will devistate the area for years to come.
    Gob Bless our Hot Shot Crew out there fighting the fires, we lost 19 of them in the Yarnell Fire. Most of them are young men between the age of 21 and 27 years old.
    Sad day in Arizona.
    mainegrizz660 ·
    what up boss man

    With 3 cracked ribs .......I'm UP! cannot lay down, cannot bend over, cannot hic up with out a wonderful dose of pain........
    propwash57 ·
    Can you tell me how to post text with pictures using photobucket so that I can stay under the 19.5k limit? I have seen other posts with pictures and information but can't seem to get it done. Thought it would be like posting to Craigs List, but so far no luck.
    Is there info like this somewhere on the forum?
    fiery1 ·
    I'm really surprised to be honest with you! I don't know what the fuss is about...other than I'm a chick on what would otherwise be a guys site??
    Johnny mac ·
    Hey Ray. How ya doin'? I went on the GR and saw a good bye post from Butch 450. What's happening over there? Guess I have been away too long.
    Charlene and I are leaving for Washington next week. Gotta get out of this heat. My blood clot is slowly improving now I have to try and get back in shape. Hit me with a PM when you get time. Your OLD pal, Jmac
    waltinbatonrouge ·
    Hi DD

    this link is broken...can you get it fixed for us...thanks waltinbatonrouge

    Need tires? Get a free set for testing out Nittos latest CROSSTEK CUV tires.
    Nitto Tire

    This post is produced by a ad generator called PostRelease, it's strictly an owners tool and does not apply to the open forum.
    Thats why you can not open the thread.
    Madden350 ·
    Hey, I am looking quite strongly at a set of shocks the same as your Elka stage1s with rebound. I was just hoping you could give me you opinion on them before i pass the cash over. I ride aggressive trails with alot of rocky terrain.
    Thanks Mike

    Hi Mike
    The Elka shocks are fantastic addition to the Grizzly. The control and handeling is so much better I rate them as one of the few must buy's!
    stantheman8993 ·
    couldn't help to notice your highrise bars, what type are they and did it require any mods like new brakelines?

    '09 Griz 700

    They are Roxy Risers 3.5" with a Solex Bar, great addition. The wider stance of the bar give me better control in the turns, the stock bar is turned back too much. The Riser makes the height about the same so cables were unaffected.
    UpstateNYGrizz ·
    Cold here and getting colder. Got about 3 inches of snow yesterday. Can't complain, so far a very mild winter. Getting into the single digits, but next week maybe back near 40. Have fun in the winter sun. But I did get to plow ?
    04zrx ·
    Hey DD, so it has been months and just exactly do I go about getting a GC sticker any way?

    thanks, Eric in Maine
    04zrx ·
    Just took a look at your wheeler, very nice. that's a ship shape machine, looks nice. I like all the little details.

    thank you, Eric
    MrJerk ·
    Sir I do have one question: How do I delete a thread from myself?

    You can not, but I will take care of it for you just PM me any time you have a situation OK.:happy:
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