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  1. My new Grizzly! Switced from Honda.

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    Welcome to GC . and nice ride! Love the blue.....have fun you won't regret the switch.
  2. hiya folks

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    Welcome to GC from Tn.
  3. What basics do you keep in your trailer?

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    Looks well equipped already. I always keep a small hydraulic jack handy just in case....makes changing flats on trailer , truck or atv easier.
  4. Hi my name is Dan and I am motorbike aholic LOL

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    Welcome to GC from Tn. and there are a lot of people here with your same problem.....it can get expensive.
  5. 2010 Yamaha Grizzly 700 EPS FI smoking

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    If you're burning oil and rings are good it's most likely valve stem seals.
  6. Hello from the Kaibab Plateau

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    Welcome to GC from Tn.
  7. Shocks

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    Elka is the go to shock upgrade for most but like RDC said they won't help much in the mud but it will be a soft ride to the mudhole.
  8. Shim mod

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    Yep shim mod = best bang for the buck easy
  9. Grizzly to Can-Am back to Grizzly

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    Same experience here with the Can Am.....
  10. Greeting from Atlanta area..

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    welcome and congrats on the like new Grizz!!
  11. Programmer

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    Carb models do not use a programmer. To increase the fuel you will need to jet the carb. To see any noticeable difference in power you could should do intake and exhaust mods in conjunction with a jet.
  12. Switching to synthetic winch rope

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    X2 on I use 3/16 for years with no problems.
  13. Grizzly Dependability

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    Gives me a lot to look forward to!!
  14. New Member

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    Welcome to GC from Tn
  15. Hello from BC

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    Welcome to Gc from Tn.