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  • mainegrizz660 ·
    holy gosh that is crap they should as any reseanable person or company discolse no grip glue ect or set it as a kit when you buy a kit and ty yeah jr and i miss the grizz we had alot of fun and cant wait to buy a new one or a good used one and get mu butt back out there glad ur doing good and things are awesome
    TRev ·
    Hello. I have been reading alot about clutch mods on the search and have noticed that you have offered your two cents on a few posts about the epi purple spring and the 1-2 mm shims. I was just wondering if you could fill me in on a few things that I can't seam to find in he search. I put 27 inch mud wolfs on my 2013 griz 700 and being they are a larger heavy tire (claim almost 40lbs on the rear. ). I have notices some power lose in certain situations. Now I don't want a hot rod and don't need to lift it up in the air at 25mph. I just want that stock snap and not to feel the bog in sticky situations. I see all your great pics and seam to think you do the same kind of riding as I and am just wondering what you found installing the purple spring and shims. Back to stock better then stock ? Thanks for any tips. And info. And thank you for all your help with my previous posts. You have helped me alot
    bentframekodiak ·
    Ridgeway, I was thinking about coming up there from tn around the forth of July. After watching a video on YouTube this morning from some alpine loop trails, I realized there can still be lots of snow around June.

    I need a little advise from you. I'm not sure on the best time to come up there. I want to see as little snow as possible (I do understand some snow will stay almost year round), warm
    temperatures, and it has to be between June and aug 5. So my question is: what is the earliest I can get up there with minimal snow and maximum temperatures? Reason for wanting to get up there early is I'm really anxious to ride up there!

    Thanks in advance!
    Can't wait to do some riding up there!
    COtoMTgriz ·
    Ridgeway is right where the exit/enterance to owl creek pass is right? I came from Gunnison, then before Montrose I turned South on owl creek somewhere. I stay a few nights, then drove out, came out on 550 somewhere, then headed south to Ouray.
    Ridgway81432 ·
    Good morning, LET GO RIDING!!!!
    We have plenty of riding places here. Some years the passes aren't open the first of May, so we ride as high as possible and turn around.
    We don't ride to get anyone hurt, each rider determines a comfortable pace. We work it out so everyone has fun and nobody gets hurt.
    I'm going to start riding in a couple of weeks to get an idea of the conditions around here. We got 2 inches of snow last night, but that will stop in a month or so.
    Using your May 8th date assuming you are here (Ridgway, Colorado) that morning, it is a simple and easy drive to Moab from here. It's not that far as miles go but it is a slower drive. If you plan a 1/2 day to drive and some time for lunch you will be fine.
    One day or more, let me know. Living here we generally meet in Ridgway in the morning (8/9 in the morning), pick a spot to ride and make a day of it.
    We have lots of time to plan something. Let me know what questions you have. We're pert'ty unofficial here, we just work it out.
    rio ·
    I will be checking into the arch view resort on 8 May I would love to get a ride in in South West Colorado on the way. I plan to continue Northwest after Moab on the 15th and probably hit Montana, Idaho, and Oregon. I have nieces in Portland Oregont o visit before heading back south. I will probably swing thru California on the way back. I have have a son in California.

    Sorry about the delay. I posted this on my board but now I think that is the wrong method. I would love to ride with you but you need to know that I am new to the big bike world. I had dirt bikes when young and a small atv before the grizzly. Let me know if you are still interested. R/ Rio
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