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Showcase cover image for Bitterbeard's 2006 Yamaha Grizzly 660

General Information

Grizzly 660
Engine Type: 558cc
Vehicle Class: Compact minivan
Purchase Date: 2010-06-15
Vehicle Mileage: 0 Miles
Purchase Price: $4400.00 USD
Total Modifications: 2
Total Spent: $509.99 USD
Product: ITP Mudlite XL on ITP Rims
Manufacturer: ITP
Product Rating: 10/10
Purchase Date: 0-00-00
Purchase Price: $400.00
Purchased From: Ebay
Purchase Rating: 0/10
Description: Wheels are fantastic, can't go wrong with ITP. Got a brand spanking new set of tires and rims from Craiglist for 400 bucks, they even had the new tire knoby-knoos.
Install Date: 0-00-00
Installed By: Self Installed
Installation Rating: 0/10
Comments: four bolts off, roll roll away, roll roll in a new tire, four bolts back on again.


Product: 3000K YELLOW HID
Manufacturer: HID LIGHTS
Product Rating: 8/10
Purchase Date: 2010-07-24
Purchase Price: $109.99
Purchased From: Motorcycle HID Lights
Purchase Rating: 8/10
Description: Got my lights from Motorcycle HID Lights after checking to make sure nobody had serious negative information about them. They sent me my kit and it had one wrong light and only one wire harness. I called them and sent some pics and they overnighted me replacement parts and asked I send back the parts I didn't need at my convenience, which I plan on doing once I'm done.
Install Date: 2010-08-05
Installed By: Self Installed
Installation Rating: 0/10
Comments: The Grizzly kit they have takes a bit of splicing to get it to work but the HID lights themselves connect in without any modifications. The wiring takes some work, I would say beginner level can get this kit done fairly easy. I'm a slow installer, my time took me about a week but I try to make any install as concrete as possible. I replaced the power wires the harnesses had with a gauge bigger cable and waterproof fuse boxes then heat shrunk everything so it was water tight. The lights work great and fired right up.