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Showcase cover image for wayupnorth's 2009 Yamaha 700 Polar Bear HO

General Information

700 Polar Bear HO
Black Silver and Blue
Purchase Date: 2009-12-16
Vehicle Mileage: 100 Miles
Purchase Price: $17000.00 USD
Total Spent: $0.00 USD
After a few years research and waiting for Yamaha to work out a few of the gremlins on the 700 I went to purchase a 2010 700 in december. They quit making Black ones for 2010 in the USA so I bought a 2009 Black one. On and off for 5 months it sat in my garage torn apart and being modded. I didn't want to buy a machine and slowly add mods over the next few years. I wanted it ALL done EXACTLY the way I wanted it before I would ride it. The only thing I'm doing now is riding and playing with the clutching a bit. 500 miles and it' sbeen a AWESOME, flawless experience. I built it to haul butt up to 45mph, don't care about topend. It's a torque monster for sure.
Right now I'm sitting at about $17,000+ into it and couldn't be happier with it. The best part- it's all payed off
Some of the mods:
Wiseco HC 11.1 Piston
Hotcams Mudbuster cam
Powercommander 5 + Autotuner
Dynatek FS
Full Muzzy Exhaust
EHS Racing Intake system
28" Zillas
Rox 5" risers
Fly Handlebars and Renthl grips
Full Ricochet underarmour
Moose Front and rear bumpers
Custom powdercoated bumper, racks and springs
Side planel graphics by Design Graphics
JTP temp guage
Custom snorkles by me
Plano Model 1500 Hardbox
Aux battery on Isolator switch
Four 2" Bilit Alum Wheel spacers
Alum Bilit shift knob
Titanium Exhaust wrap
Maier Overfenders
500 RPM wetsprings
White spring
UTV Crap Greaseless 18gr weights and sliders
MadMikes mods #2 & 3
Hardlooks aluminum decals
Some other stuff I can't remember and free mods.



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One of the nicest Mods jobs I have seen. GREAT job!
One word of advice, be careful with that rear bumper. It WILL get caught on something when you finally decide to "ride" the Polar Bear and boy will that do some damage when it does both to you and the Grizz. Again...GREAT JOB! Now go ride it!

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Nicest setup ever seen anywhere, are those Yamaha fender extenders or overfenders?

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I have to agree that your Polar Bear is over the Top! I would be afraid to scratch it myself.
Do you feel your clutch is weighted and works properly with the Wiseco 11:1 piston and Hotcams Mudbuster. I have that same setup but haven't changed my clutch yet.

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Howdy, I would love to know how you made the angles on your snorkels. Could ya help me out? I'm in love with how clean they look. Thanks in advance.