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  1. Pictures & Videos
    Yesterday was beautiful! Feeling very grateful the past few days. First test run after gettin' her done. I have the Quietcore in the Barker's Exhaust and it's a vid from my RAM Mount'd phone...
  2. Yamayahoo77_May92022_creepin.jpg

    May 9 2022 test run after getting the EHS Racing airbox lid installed......COMPLETE!
  3. Yamayahoo77_Yamaha_Grizzly_700_Barkers_Exhaust_2.jpg

    Switched from HMF to EHS Racing programmer, EHS Racing airbox mod, and Barker's exhaust installed. The Barker's is LOUD, I love it, but it's too loud for neighborhood woods etc......I guess a few people bitched about lol. I installed the Quietcore and it muffles it down a good bit!
  4. IMG_20220422_183527_609.jpg

    Well, going to sell the HMF programmer and do the EHS Racing and Barker's Exhaust stuff. Having too much backfiring on decel and want to see if I can quiet her down a little bit. Let's goooooo!!
1-4 of 4 Results