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  1. Grizzly Electrical & Lighting
    I have a 2002 Grizzly 600 and I have replaced the battery twice now and everytime I do, the battery gets drained dead if it sits even overnight, unless the battery is disconnected. Where do I start to find the problem?
  2. PowerCube_ALTcharging.jpeg

    All else fails + Jackery or Gas generator
  3. Grizzly Electrical & Lighting
    Question: Can leaving the light switch in the on position overnight drain a perfectly good battery even if ignition is off and lights are no longer on? One person told me yes because it’s a direct line and another said no. Details: I just bought this 2012 grizzly - Love it! Put a new battery...
  4. Grizzly Electrical & Lighting
    I have a 2012 700 grizzly that will start up just fine but dies the second I release the starter button. Back story. My mom accidently left the key in the on position and killed my battery but was able to jump start it and get it going again about a year ago. just last week I did the same...
  5. Grizzly Electrical & Lighting
    Hello! My stock battery (2010 Grizzly 700) is finally not providing enough power and I need to replace. Starter relay is buzzing, which from what I hear is due to not enough juice coming from battery, even after charging. Error Code 12 showing on the dash. Considering an "upgrade" instead...
1-5 of 5 Results