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  1. Yamaha Kodiak Discussion
    Hey guys, Just bought a 2001 kodiak 400 that has this spark issue. I get one and only one spark when I press the starter and sometimes a second one when depressing it. Resistance is good on pickup coil and charging/rotor rotation direction detection coil. With a peak voltage adapter, I am...
  2. Yamaha Kodiak Discussion
    So it’s a 2003 Kodiak 400, bike has been sitting a while and we did a new carb on it. We finally got it out to ride and got the carb all adjusted right. We get about 2 miles out and as the bike is idling it cuts off and backfires one time real loud. Now the starter doesn’t crank and I think this...
  3. Yamaha Kodiak Discussion
    I have had trouble with getting my four wheeler started for the past year and I recently got it started. But yesterday evening when I was riding it it bogged down and shut off on me and now it has no power running to the ignition switch. Throughout the year I have replaced the carburetor, the...
  4. Yamaha Kodiak Discussion
    had this bike for a long time now, and only recently have i discovered that it does infact have a brake light, it’s just not hooked up, and i’m having a lot of trouble figuring out where the wire connects to on the bike, see in the photos when i connect the brake light wire to the battery the...
  5. Pictures & Videos
    this is my old Kodiak, she still kicks ass
  6. Yamaha Kodiak Discussion
    I've read some of the pinned info on here as it relates to starting issues. For my machine, I've always had battery life issues. Most times, the batt only last 2 yrs. Anyway, lately its been difficult starting and the batt is good. Makes lots of clicking noises from the solenoid under the seat...
1-6 of 6 Results