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  1. Grizzly Tech Tips
    Something got changed when I held the reset and select button and brought to a diag screen. I adjusted something and it changed how my grizzly was idling. Now it idles rough and idles rough. Does anyone know how to change it to the factory setting so it runs good again. I tried unhooking the...
  2. Yamaha Big Bear/Bruin/Wolverine ATV Discussion
    When the front plastics are on even unbolted and headlights not hooked up it will have a high idle and die out but if plastics are taken off it runs perfect, cant see any wires or cables being pinched and cant see any reason it could affect it, anyone run into this problem and find a fix?
  3. Grizzly Tech Tips
    First post, just joined the forum. I recently picked up a 2012 700 and it wont stay running. I haven't tried anything yet, but when i flick the key, give it a chance for the fuel pump to finish its thing, hit the start button and it will wine over all day, so i quit, flick the key off and on 4...
  4. Grizzly Talk
    Hi all! New member here. Excited to be a part of the community! Been having some recent issues I cannot for the life of me figure out, so I decided to try and pick the minds of some other grizzly owners. Apologizing ahead of time for the long write up, but I just wanted to outline all the...
  5. Grizzly Engine & Transmission
    Hey, new here and I’ve read too much on this, but had a question… My 07 grizzly wouldn’t hold an idle and we tried everything. I finally had enough and just bought the new carb and installed it. I also must add, I’m new to working on these things and haven’t touched anything 2 or 4 strokes...
  6. Yamaha Big Bear/Bruin/Wolverine ATV Discussion
    Recently bought a used 2007 Big Bear 400 4x4 IRS that the guy had snorkeled himself and I don't think he rejetted (he hasn't responded since I bought it). New to this forum so need help with 3 things: 1. Wondering how hard it will be to remove the snorkel to stock as I don't have any...
1-6 of 6 Results