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  1. DirtyWrench_01.jpeg

    Oil filter wrench. PETG. Light & Durable.
  2. DirtyWrench_Specs.jpeg

    Under 3hours / $17.60 in materials.
  3. AT_01.jpeg

    Short of a crow hop baseball pitch at the ground, it didn't break, deform, or de-laminate.
  4. AT_02.jpeg

    Gave way @ 135lbs / Direct force
  5. AT_Results.jpeg

    Very strong. Under normal use there are no issues with socket or handle areas.
  6. Testers.jpeg

    Oil Filter Wrench. Designed specifically to fit well under the Grizz
  7. TightSqueeze.png

    Barely fits
1-10 of 10 Results