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  1. Yamayahoo77_EHS_Racing_airbox_lid_after_mudding.jpg

    EHS Racing airbox lid...after mudding. All systems GO!!
  2. Pictures & Videos
    Yesterday was beautiful! Feeling very grateful the past few days. First test run after gettin' her done. I have the Quietcore in the Barker's Exhaust and it's a vid from my RAM Mount'd phone...
  3. Yamayahoo77_May92022_creepin.jpg

    May 9 2022 test run after getting the EHS Racing airbox lid installed......COMPLETE!
  4. Yamayahoo77_the_cliffs_of_Rockingham.jpg

    At the cliffs........5/9/2022 test runnnnn
  5. Yamayahoo77_Yamaha_Grizzly_700_Barkers_Exhaust_2.jpg

    Switched from HMF to EHS Racing programmer, EHS Racing airbox mod, and Barker's exhaust installed. The Barker's is LOUD, I love it, but it's too loud for neighborhood woods etc......I guess a few people bitched about lol. I installed the Quietcore and it muffles it down a good bit!
  6. Yamayahoo77_2019_Yamaha_Grizzly_700_Barkers_Exhaust_1.jpg

    The Barker's Exhaust is LOUD! Installed the Quietcore and it cuts the volume enough to make it acceptable in the neighborhood lol. Less volume at idle, but will still sound good under throttle.
  7. IMG_20220422_183527_609.jpg

    Well, going to sell the HMF programmer and do the EHS Racing and Barker's Exhaust stuff. Having too much backfiring on decel and want to see if I can quiet her down a little bit. Let's goooooo!!
  8. Yamayahoo77_march_bonfire.jpg

    March 20 bonfire / Sundee Fundee
  9. Yamayahoo77_march_bonfire5.jpg

    Lowbeam headlights, LED light strip, 42 LED bar out front....test
  10. IMG_20220226_202509.jpg

1-20 of 60 Results