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01 big bear handle bar cover

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Just got an 01 big bear 4x4. Overall in good shape except it clearly had been rolled and is now missing the handle bar protector; part# 5fu-f6124-01-00. Everywhere I look this shows as not available, except I did see one on ebay for twice the price. Is that my only hope of replacing this? Is there another option?
Also, the rear brake cable is broken. Can you tell me if that is #7 on this same diagram, and if so do I also need to order 8,9, and 10? Thank you.
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I do not see any pic? What diagram are you referencing?
Sorry, can't link to anything or attach pics yet. It is the "steering handle assembly" for the Yamaha big bear 2001 4x4 found at Yamaha parts .com ..thanks
I did a quick search over on Partzilla and it appears that there are no NOS ones to be had through Yamaha, but doing a quick google search came up with a couple from other retailers. Guess it depends what you want for your machine, if you need factory new then hunt down an original piece still in the box.....but if decent clean used piece is good enough then find one on-line somewhere.

Most likely they used that same piece over a few years....2001-2005??? And perhaps on Kodiak or Wolverine as well??? Little research can sometimes net you the parts for less then you thought if you can find multiple models that use the same part. I did this when having to replace the ring and pinion in my 04 Bruin....new or "direct replacement" had me looking at a 6-700 dollar bill, but after a ton of research and cross referencing I found a bunch of makes and models that used the same part....found a complete diff for $60 with a mint used ring and pinion!!
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