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02 660 not accelerating over 30mph

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Hello all,
I’ve got an 02 grizzly 660, it runs great (below 30mph) idles great hot or cold. Races right up to 30mph and then it will start cutting out. Intermittently maybe 25% of the time it’ll run right up to 45 and I’d assume more but that’s all I’ve gotten it up too. The carb was recently rebuilt, along with a valve adjustment. I’m wondering if it’s not getting enough fuel or if I got a clutch issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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Put the bike in neutral and hand rotate the sheave t'ill the belt climbs all the way up the secondary like in the pictures. The sheaves will only spin in one direction.

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Thank you for this picture, my belt is sitting in the same position as this one pictured
Finally got the grizz out to the trails. Issue resolved cleaning and regreasing the primary clutch was the solution. Thank you to everyone that helped here and hopefully this will help someone else at some point
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