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03 won't start

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In park w/the light on will not start ,nothing , lights winch everything works ,will not turn over .
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Hey...WallyJ...Welcome to GC from Wisconsin...One post since 2013?

Check the kill switch?
X2! There is a switch on the handlebars that will let everything electric work but not let the machine start. I had this happen to me before. I was heartbroken that it wasn't starting, turns out I had just bumped the switch. LOL.
It doesn't seem to be the kill switch , I did replace the battery about 3 weeks ago, PS. Do you mean a bad kill switch ?
Check the battery connections and your grounds, and make sure they are super clean and shiny (bit of sandpapering) and perhaps toss a small dab of di-electric grease on the connections to keep corrosion at bay. Could also be a bad starter relay. And on a long shot, maybe give a small "whack" to the starter if you can. :wink2:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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