ISO a used (preferably) or new (hope not but will consider)… an OEM carb for my 06 Grizzly 660..model is the YFM660FWA..

bought this Grizz for $2k. Long story short, narrowed down my issue to the carb. Changed the plug. Changed the air filter. Put new boots on the intake and head side of the carb. Cleaned the carb x3. Cleaned the fuel petcock, added an inline fuel filter, adjusted my valves (made sure they were tight), and I’m still having issues (cheap aftermarket carb). Can’t rebuild the carb because I have no clue whatsoever of the brand, and obviously cannot use an OEM rebuild kit on it. It either runs like a raped ape on full throttle but like dirt at lower rpm or the exact opposite. I’ve tried running leaner, and richer. Tried idling higher and lower, etc. but I’m not getting anywhere. And the amount of PITA it is to get to the carb every single time is running on my last nerve.

I hate to spend the $400-$500 for a brand new OEM carb, so I figured I’d reach out to see if anyone has a used OEM parts carb I can buy and simply buy an OEM rebuild kit from my local ATV shop.

I’ve already stretched out my options asking on my local FB Marketplace groups and have had no luck, so I figured I would reach out here.

Cash ready if local. PayPal G&S ready if someone has one and is willing to ship.

Thanks guys
-Nathan 👍🏼