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I’ve been working on this bike in my spare time (not much of it) since getting back from a trip a month ago. I’ve had the carb apart countless times. From running like crap to now runs pretty good with choke partially on. It’s doing this popping thru the carb at part throttle. It goes away with partial choke.
Things I’ve done so far:
-Full rebuild of carb
-new carb to engine boot
-checked for intake leaks
-valve clearance all within spec
-good compression
-new spark plug

I still havnt completely ruled out could this be ignition?? Cdi? I really do feel it’s a carb issue. I’ve also tried different pilot jets went larger I’m assuming it’s lean since it’s popping like starving for fuel. I just feel this issue is deeper and different jetting or needle adjustments aren’t going to fix it.

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