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07' 700 EPS 4/110 Pattern not working

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Hello all,

I appreciate any advise on this topic of much pain and angst.

I purchased some Mud cats tires and want to get a reasonable set of rims to throw on said tires as a winter set. Guy online has several rims for sale and is pretty knowledgeable. They are some basic black gloss rims.

Brand New Steel aftermarket Rims. 4/110 Bolt Pattern
12X7 Rims used for fronts and rears. For tires that have:
First number 25 or 26 or 27.
Second number 7, 8, 9 , 10, 11 or 12.
Last Number needs to be 12.

Before we make the deal he/she asks what make, year and model and then basically told be these will not work with my machine. Verbatim... The rims I show fit every 4/110 patterned machine but yours. Yours is different rim. I remember also in Dirt Rider magazine when the 700 came out they stated the same. I know because i sold 660 rims to a guy with a 700 and they had clearance center issues. Grizzly 700 has special rims to clear the a arms i believe.

I super appreciate this person taking the time not selling me the rims however now I'm left wandering alone in my thoughts of having to swap rubber on my factory rims whenever I want to use the Mud Cats...

Said Mud Cats: (I have 4 rears now, I need to barter or sell (2) rears to cover the fronts)
Power King Mudcat 26X9-12 Front
Power King Mudcat 27X12-12 Rear

Said MudCats, do you think running a 26" front and 27" back will cause any erratic performance or safety concerns?

Thanks and better tomorrows to all...
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I believe it would cause wear and stability issues. Just get matching size tires and ride on.
Stock wheels from other machines like Kawi’s Suzuki’s etc, and older grizzly 660s won’t work on the 700. It’s a brake caliper issue. All aftermarket wheels (with the right bolt pattern) I have seen will fit the 660 and the 700 because the offset let’s them clear the brakes.

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Do not run 2 different tire heights on your ATV. This will put stress and heavy loads on your diffs, drive shafts and middle drive gear when operating in 4wd, especially on harder surfaces or surfaces with high traction.
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