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11 grizzly 700 issues

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Ive got a few issues i could use some help figuring out ive attached some pics if you guys could help ide appreciate it , got an oil leak on engine ,oil coming thru that tube under speedo and what looks to be leaking radiator. anyone run into these issues? easy fix? thanks!


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well the rad is definetly leaking gonna order new one , still trying to figure the oil leaks.
Did you put your Grizz upside down recently?

The breather tube under the Speedo, you'll need to trace that one out. Mine has like 3-4 breather tubes routed to under the Speedo, not sure how many the '11 has. I know one of mine is for the EPS but your shouldn't have that one IIRC as that vent got sealed somewhere around '09+.

Hard to tell from your header picture but that is the head right there. Is the oil spreading and traveling up? Do you see a spot of oil that looks fresher than the rest of the larger oil spot? Again, curious to know if your Grizz has been flipped recently.
I flipped it about 7 months ago. She was fine till now, it all started when I pulled my buddies tractor out of mud. Got a couple temp lights which led me to check fluid all gone rad is bad. As for the oil spot its going straight down from that spot on head no where else except breather tube up top but no trail to it.
Is the oil out the vent tube engine oil or gear oil?
Have you changed the diff oils lately? Sometimes they burp a little fluid out the vent until settling. That's pretty normal. They will sometimes burp oil if you get the diffs hot.

For the oil leak on the engine. That seams to be leaking from the cylinder head gasket.
You stated you got the overtemp light on and found no fluid. If you overheated it, it's a good chance you blew the head gasket.
So if the overheating possibly caused the the head gasket to fail would be there be
other issues that could arise or would it just require new gasket?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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