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2003 grizzly 660 with 2500 miles

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I’m looking at upgrading my 600. I found a 2003 660 with 2500 miles On it. I can get it for $3000. It has some upgrades like an exhaust tires and the like. The real question is if it’s worth it. What do you guys think of that kind of miles on it? It needs wheel bearings and i remember that was a job on my old big bear. Anything to look for when purchasing? Thanks in advance!

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Hey...Muddobber600..Welcome to GC from Wisconsin..
The 660's are hardy and very reliable machines but like any product they do have some quirks.
The 660's are notorious for having the front drive shaft go bad. Many of them use a little oil.
The oil is easy to live with but the drive shaft can be a problem. Easy to stick 200-250 into parts and a 30 pack to install a new shaft, couplings and mod the dif mounts.

I guess I wouldn't offer anymore than 2k for it.

Good Luck
I sold my 04 660 this year for $3.2K and 2750 miles and it was well used but well maintained as the original owner. It was a real beast of a rig, still kind of miss it as the 2017 is too pretty right now. I might offer 2.6-2.8K.
Is that kind mileage something to worry about with this grizzly? At what point do they usually start to need major repairs or service?

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good question on mileage since not all miles are the same, original owner, well maintained, type of riding, age of operator, etc..

When I was pricing out a fair price it was amazing to see some of the mileage and hours on the Griz, some ranged to 13,000 miles.

Over 13 yrs on my 660 here is what was done: Adjusted the valves, replaced belt even though not needed but use for plowing and replaced front wheel bearings. upon the sale day found the switch on 4 wheel drive did not work, it is common with corrosion and a easy/cheap fix. Never had an oil loss problem. It was a great machine but shoulders were demanding EPS or I would still have.

I would check the axel boots, play, belt, bearings, valves if they were ever adjusted, shocks, switch mentioned above.

BTW, had a 600 when moved to the mountains, good machine but the 660 was light years ahead.

Good luck.
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