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2005 Grizzly oil leake

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My son was riding the grizzly and called me and said it had oil running out of it. Checked the oil and it was off the stick added oil started it it was fine. Pushed in the garage to farther investigate
It sat in the garage two days never been started it a big puddle of oil ran out again.
I removed the skid plates and it looks like the hose the oil is running out of goes up to the bottom of the carb
Any ideas on the cause of oil just running out sitting there?
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Hey..06redgrizzwv..Welcome to GC from Wisconsin.

Has it been using oil for awhile?
What diameter is the hose?

There is a drain hose on the bottom of the carb but that would be gas.
There is a carb vent hose but that would also be gas.

The crankcase vents to the air box. There is a drain hose on the bottom of the air box. It is possible for oil to blow by into the air box. Have you rolled the Griz recently? Have you service the air cleaner recently?

Check it out a little more close bad post back.
Thanks for the welcome
It actually had been sitting for a while and hadn't been rolled and doesn't use oil. I'm going to do some more digging Thx
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It wouldn't leak like that from the top side of the motor typically.

If the banjo fittings oil line is leaking then its more likely to leak while running and under oil pressure same goes for basically anything higher than oil fill hole under pressure they will leak but sitting likely not.

The oil plug could definitely leak out while sitting if it got cross threaded and or didn't seal.

Also it can leak on the axle seals which would be my first guess if the bikes leaking while sitting.

When my 660 was new after 20hrs or so i noticed a oil leak on the front seal , it must have gotten screwed up when they installed it from factory and they replaced under warranty.

You can also get leaks on the clutch side but most likely it would show up inside the clutch housing first unless your running no drain plug on the clutch housing then it would leak out from there.

IMHO what you should do now is pull the plastics off and find it properly, dont rush take your time and look carefully.
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This is the hose it is running out of. There is a smell of gas in the mixture and there is also the same oil and gas mixture laying in the air box


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That hose is the float bowl drain/overflow. You should never have any oil coming from that....ever. You should only see gasoline coming from it.

Are you 100% sure engine oil is coming from that hose?
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oil can not leak from that hose unless someone put 2 stroke mixed gas in the tank lol , aka unless you have oil in your gas tank there is 0% possibility of oil coming out of that hose your mistaken.

If your leaking oil its from somewhere else.
When it has done this twice it had gas in it because you could smell it but also when checking the oil there was none on the dipstick,
There is a oil gas smelling mix in the air box.
Once you refill the oil it fires up and runs fine. It's the weirdest thing I have ever seen.
Neither gas nor oil can come out of that hose unless you open the valve on the carb bowl.

Oil/gas smell in the air box is normal. The crankcase vents into the air box and the airfilter is oiled.

There isn't a low oil safety switch on the 660. If the machine stops running because of low oil it is because it is seizing up.

Does the air box have an excessive amount of oil in the bottom? Again there is a drain hose on the air box that could be leaking out the oil that is possibly being blown into the air box. Bad rings or piston can cause oil blow-by.
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