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2006 Kodiak 450 dies at idle

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Just got this bike. 260 hrs and 1200 miles. Seems well taken care for. It idled fine when I checked it out at the sellers home. Got home and it had problems idling. It runs great at speed but will not hold idle for 10-15 seconds without dying. I put a new plug in it and did a carb clean and replaced the jets. It still abruptly dies at idle.

here is a video:

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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Welcome from Colorado.
It probably never had the valve lash checked/adjusted.
Does it have slight backfiring through the exhaust or intake or both?
Will it start on ether?
Thanks Ridgway.

It doesn’t sound like a backfire but more of a misfire at idle.

It did backfire when I got it up to high speed ~40 mph. I only did that one time when I took it last weekend. Other than that it has not backfired. I will check the valves now that you mentioned that.

Bike starts up easily every time even after dying. No starter fluid needed.
While you have the gas tank off make sure its clean, old gas can set up deposits that cause problems with fuel flow.
Also the idle might need slight adjusting, it might be slightly too low.
I remove the c.v.t. cover and watch the primary pulley while adjusting the idle. I get the idle as high as it can go just before the primary wet-clutch starts to engage and the primary wants to start turning.
With the cage installed I turn the idle down just enough so the pulley does not turn at idle.
To adjust the valve lash correctly the engine timing is confirmed to be correct so with fresh fuel, a clean air filter and spark she should be good to go with all other adjustments done.
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I’m going to do the valve adjustment check next. Waiting on shims. But in the mean time I think I could be missing a hose attached to the carb

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Nothing was attached when I got the bike but seems like there should be.
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Do you have a f.s.m.?
Went to order a fsm but can’t find the exact model. My serial number information comes up with yfm 450 fwan. I’m guessing the exact sub model is not a big deal but I’m curious what submodel is fwan?
That I don't know, did you look on 501part.com for a contact page?
Try leave him a message asking for help locating what you need.
I bet he was busy over the weekend and looks for messages during the week.
1. Got service manual. Called dealer and. They don’t know fwan and told me not to worry about the trim for service manual.
2. Checked valves. Intake was tight but adjusted, exhaust was good.
3. Cleaned gas tank very well and put premium 93 in.

Same results. It cranks right up, runs on choke for 2 minutes then I take it off idle and it runs about 15 seconds and dies even on high idle.

Idk if this the original carb or not. I was thinking about ordering a cheap Chinese one to see if it could be carb. When I cleaned it I did notice a couple o rings were not the right replacement. The kit was a mouse carb kit from the dealer.
Check for air leak(s) at the intake.
At idle spray a short shot of ether near the carb to learn if she idles up.
I tried w carb and choke cleaner w no change. I did notice when. Not spraying it is hard to keep a consistent idle rpm. For example I hit the throttle then idles high and I have to manually adjust it down.
New carb came in today. Total difference. Runs flawlessly. I must have missed something when rebuilding the carb. Going to tear it apart again and take a look. Plan is to use the Chinese carb for the time being but to get the original one fixed and back in there.
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