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2007 Grizzly 125 transmission made awful sound today

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This has been ridden easy, with fluid changes, never an issue. Then today when starting from a stop, the ATV engaged the forward gear then after a sec or two, made a real bad clunk, and not a grinding sound, but a clanking sound...like broken teeth.

Sounds like I need to tear into it, curious to the procedure to open the transmission.

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First open/remove the c.v.t. cover and inspect the pulley(s), belt and count the ratio. Will the primary pulley turn clock-wise by hand?
Let us know what you find, it might not be in the transmission area.
Sorry for the late reply, turns out the drive sprocket was worn along with the chain just loose enough to cause a "slip".

We were surprised the chain was loose as it was as we clean and maintain it. Chain is in good shape, only a year old but we should have replaced the drive sprocket with the chain...it actually looked good.

Rollers inspected, no pits, cracks, or rough surfaces.

Replaced with new drive sprocket, thoroughly cleaned chain and oiled....all is good.

Never heard that sound before, I could have sworn it was a chipped gear tooth...dodged that one for sure.
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