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2016+ Grizzly oil weight and standards (Canadian winters)

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Yes another oil question, sorry!

My Yamaha dealer is all over the map, one tech says this, the store owner says that.. Nobody agrees..
I checked the owners manual and it just states we should use: API SG (or higher) and JASO standard MA.

I ended up coming home with regular 5w30 Yamalube (non synthetic) as recommended by the dealer owner, but it states nowhere on the bottle that it is JASO MA and also does not state that it is wet clutch compatible.

Bike only has 4 hours on it, I'm changing the oil to get rid of the break in metal shavings and because winter is here and I will use the bike to plow my driveway, so a lighter weight seems ideal for our Canadian winters.

I'm just concerned about the JASO MA not listed anywhere on the Yamalube 5W30.. Anyone else use this and is it ok, or what do you recommend?
Thank you!
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Here's a special Yamaha website on oil for Canada: The Yamaha Motors Canada page for Yamaha Lubricants
And don't worry about the JASO standard because since '92 all Yamalube oils comply to this standard: Yamalube

....If still in warranty, use what the manual suggests.
A good suggestion. I always use the oil that's mentioned in the manual! Why? Simply because my opinion is that the manufacturer knows best what's good for their engines .........

"Fluids: Use the proper fluids specified by the carmaker
Carmakers dump millions of dollars into research and development to determine the best fluids to put into their vehicles for maximum performance and longevity. So why do people continue to use what they believe are the best fluids for their new vehicles? "
(the complete article)

Want to read more about oils? Go ahead: The Engine Oil Bible

And on warming up an engine: Click

Happy Lubricating

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