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2018 700 springs and weights

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So been digging around and find all sorts of info, some of it makes me wonder whats right...

Secondary Spring Rate, anyone know what the stock spring is on the 2018 700? Has the secondary spring changed at all between the older 660's and the 708? I found a chart for the 660 but have no idea if that info is still true.
Would it be safe to say the EPI Blue is just barely stiffer than stock or equal to stock?

Primary weights, similar here, I see references that the 700 comes with 16g, 18g and 20.5g ... Does anyone actually know what weights are in the 2018 700?

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The EPI Purple spring is what the majority of 07 to 17 700 grizzly owners upgrade to. The EPI Blue spring will be too weak.
Don’t know about the 660 OME spring weight but the 2016-2018 comes in more around the EPI orange spring 190 lbs. from what I have read, instead of the blue 160 lbs. as far as the roller weights are concerned they are 18 Graham in 2016-2018 grizzly
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