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2R Tip too loud??

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For many the 2R tip is a bit loud for there use, but we want to open the exhaust for a better flow, so why not put in a reducer to take it down to 1 1/2" or 1 1/4" even, the reducer could be drilled & tapped in or glued & use self tapper screws, might be worth a look :smile2:
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I made a 1.5" with a small baffel in it' i really didn't notice any performance gains and it was a little louder than the factory, but after listening to it all day it was ge.tting on my nerves so i took it off n went back to the factory one.
Maybe the baffle had something to do with it idk, was the exhaust note different to make you take it off?
Yea the note was deeper with a bit of a crackle and a bit louder as well' still cant getaway from the backfiring these's bike's are renowed for though' that wasn't annoying me just the loudness overall.
I didn't think the 2r tip was too loud when I had it but it really comes down to personal preference.
I installed this between the muffler and 2R tip and it cut the loudness down about half which worked for me.


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Where did you find that screen looking part for the exhaust?
can’t get pic to work sorry ��
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