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Hey guys, new to the site and I'm looking for some info on a carb. I was having issues with the carb on my 98 600 grizzly, so I ordered a new one online. When it came in I installed a dynojet jet kit but the needle jet didn't seem to fit quite right, however I did get it installed. After removing the factory carb and changing the vent hoses over, I noticed some of the hoses were in a different spot. Thinking this was just an "aftermarket" carb I continued the install. Last, the intake port on the new carb is slightly larger than the factory carb since the boot doesn't fit over easily. I now have it installed and the bike isn't running properly, I've changed jet sizes and nothing different. I'm now wondering if they sent me a 660 carb instead of a 600 carb. any way of telling these 2 carbs apart by looking at them? Or does the 660 carb have a bigger intake port or is it just that it's that poor of quality on the cheap carb I bought? Any insight is great, thanks in advance.
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