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660 slow turn over

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I Just put a freshened up 660 Grizzly motor in a Rhino. The motor seems to run fine but is turning over slowly. The screen will blank out when is hesitates and then come back on as the motor starts to turn over. Sometimes I will have to turn the key a couple times for it to actually turn over. Once it does it starts fine. I have a new battery on the way but have been using a new marine battery until then. I know the battery is good but the jumper cables could be an issue. I should know if the connection issue on the jumper cables is causing it tomorrow. If that isn't the issue where should I go next? I will probably check the valves today but other than that is there anything that could be causing my problem? Thanks for the help.
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You won't get a great starting current through your booster cables. Contrary to popular belief, that's not how it works. I think once you have a good battery installed completemy, these issues will go away.

If you still have a slow crank issue after "installing" a good battery, then you may have a sheared decompression pin. Although going solely on what you have typed above, I do not believe this is the issue.
Just putting this out there as well.
The Rhino does not use a standard power sports battery. It uses a lawn and garden battery, U1 class size. These batteries are not known for their high cranking amps, and thus can give you a slightly slow initial cranking speed (slow to get engine turning over). This is pretty normal in the Rhino. Almost every Rhino I have worked on or used has had a slightly slow initial crank over. Once the engine gets moving from stop, the cranking speed increases.
This would be exaggerated if using booster cables to hook battery to vehicle.
Just got everything together and thankfully that was the issue. I messed with it some before the battery got here and could get it to start just fine if I messed with the connection just right.
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