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660 upper control arms

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Hello all, knowing I have to replace the entire upper control arms due to worn ball joints is there any recommendations on after market arms? I have a 2006 grizzly 660. Thank you.
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I've been looking into this as well. I run 12" wide 28's all around on my 660, and it's gotta be tough on the old girl. I have.t found any aftermarket arms, but I did find that the hisun 660 knockoffs seem to be using the same upper arms. And they have replaceable ball joints.

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Further, i have an 02 model and have to replace both uppers. The part number for 02 is different than later years; does anyone know if the 03 and later uppers will fit and work on the 02? i found the 03 used for a fraction of the price of new 02

thanks in advance
Hey...dragdad..Welcoem to GC from Wisconsin.

I see at Partshark the 02 OEM being only $6.00± more than the 03 OEM around $100.00 each
I haven't dealt with an 02 myself, are the part#s for the steering knuckles the same? I wonder if the a arms were updated to change the caster angle or somthing and is still interchangable. Aren't there guys updating to the newer style wheel bearings? What all do they have to change?

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The part numbers are different because the knuckles are different.

Why buy 2 knuckle assemblies $200 ea plus 2 tierods assemblies $100ea plus 2 axles $80ea plus the front brake line
$100 brake line? Totaling over $800.00.

Just to get the new style bearing.
I have no idea what the difference is, but no one has ever replaced all those parts when changing knuckles.
They just change the knuckles, hubs and axles and get back to riding.

So with that in mind, the A-arms "should" still interchange between the 2002 and 2003-newer models.
Thanks Dezz.. Forgot about the hub. Personally I would install new tie rods and the brake line if I had the Griz broke down for this mod. These part may not be needed for the exchange.

Either way I don't feel it wouldn't be worth the $$$ The old bearing set up lasts at least as long as the DAC bearings and are cheaper and easier to find. Although they are a little harder to change out.

Looking a Partzilla's site it appears that the 02 660 continues to be the bastard Grizzly. They list the 02 a-arm as only fitting the 2002 Griz. That could just be on paper.
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