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97 Big Bear Project

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Newbie here, got my first ATV, it's a project in the works, repainting all plastics now, no oil leaks and starts and runs strong. Problem with smoking when startup and after she warms up not as much but still a white-gray smoke. What should i look at first? I never torn down a motorcycle engine. I don't know if it's complicated or not, my skill level I would put at 7 out of 10. if I chose to send it to a shop what would the cost be to rebuild the top end? also looking for how to bypass the reverse lock out. I see the pin, can it just be removed? i can shift but have to push the pedal way down hard. Any advice is welcome, thanks in advance.
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Top ends are not hard to do if you follow some proper direction. The timing chain is about the most timid, but even that's not hard really.

For your smoking. It could rings or valve seals. I wiuld just do both. I Wouldn't even think about it differently. Order and have all the parts with you. No guessing then as you cover all bases.

The reverse pin can be removed using a 12mm wrench. Just remove the cable from the shift box ad zip tie it out of the way. Done.
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