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98 grizzly 600 engine or clutch noise?

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Hi i picked this up for cheap. Im needing help. The seller said it needs a new one way bearing but to me it sounds like cam chain slap or valves but im not sure. Its only my 2nd cvt quad my first being a vinson 500 which i never had to touch the cvt but i had to rebuild the top end. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Here is a link of sound it makes. https://youtu.be/tt5NB1_W6CI
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Timing chains will cause a tick like sound.

Does the engine brake work?
i have a 700 and it ticks a bit when warm look at the valves and adj them still ticking cam chain is tight doest was told its normal
your bike soundss like piston slap or bottom end how many k are on the bike was it beat ? ever had oil change ?
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