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98 grizzly 600 engine or clutch noise?

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Hi i picked this up for cheap. Im needing help. The seller said it needs a new one way bearing but to me it sounds like cam chain slap or valves but im not sure. Its only my 2nd cvt quad my first being a vinson 500 which i never had to touch the cvt but i had to rebuild the top end. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Here is a link of sound it makes. https://youtu.be/tt5NB1_W6CI
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I only test drove it from trailer to garage so i didnt get to test engine brake, i didnt want to mess it up more. I started tearing into it and man what a laugh i got. Well i pulled chain tensioner to see if i could feel if it had to much slack and the darn thing fell apart inside motor spring and rod fell down behind flywheel lol. Also i pulled head and saw that whoever rebuilt it either forgot or simply didnt put one wrist pin clip in so it was rubbing cylinder wall. Gouged it pretty good. It has 7,xxx miles. Didnt smoke cranked right up. He convinced me it was cvt main bearing but now i think its time for a rebuild. The oil was pretty bad but not as bad as some ive seen. So i plan on buying new cam chain, new guides, new tensioner. Do you guys think i should bore it or just hone it and put new rings? Do yall think this is my iss causing the noise or should i try to service clutch as well?


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