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After market bumper with Iron Baltic Skid Plates

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I'd like to put an aftermarket front bumper on my 2014 700 Grizzly, but I have Iron Baltic skid plates on and I don't want to remove the front piece of the skid plate that comes up past the winch. The only front bumpers that I have found that look like they might work are the Super ATV Front Brush Guard and the Warn Front Bumper # 75221. I'm wondering if anyone has a front bumper with Iron Baltic skid plates?
If so, what kind of front bumper are you using?
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I have a Yamaha bumber wich is identical to the super atv bumper I had to slightly modify the front skid . I Cut two notches for the bumper mounts
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Thanks possume 22.
I think that I'd have to do the same thing with the Super Atv bumper as well, and I don't think that will be a big deal.
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