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My 2016 Grizzly, for some reason, NEVER starts on the first try. The second try always starts. My old Grizzly/08, started first time, every time.....could it be a timing issue , or is it just the way the new one,
is. I don't get much help from the dealer, other than.....(bring it in, and we will have a look at it $$$$ ) Not that they are a bad dealership, but you can't really talk to a MECHANIC....they hide them in the back room. Been like this from new and 2000 KM later??
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This has been a common issue with the 2016 models. Most indicated that it went away after some miles and time were put on the machine. But at 2000 kms, you should have enough on it by now.
Many others said that installing a fuel programmer fixed the issue.

In my opinion, it's nothing more than an irritation. I wouldn't worry nor care about it. Ride on.
I belive i will just RIDE ON . Was just out to NS this summer BEAUTIFUL country is there lots of trail riding out there. i did see some trails in Mabou NS
There is many trails across the province. Most are not on maps that I know of, but you get to trails from the amped trails.....if that makes sense.
About every 4th or 5th time I use my grizzly it takes 2 try’s to start it.
I have a fuel controller from ehs.
The controller didn’t seem to change the start issue.

I agree though.. the older grizzlys never did this. My 2009 was Flawless.
My 2016 is not the quality.

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My 09 won't cold start first time 1 out of 3 times. Like Dezz said, it's a minor inconvenience on an otherwise rock solid reliable engine.
It doesn't bother me.
My Kodi does it occasionally. If I blip the throttle a little it fires first try every time.
It also has to crank much longer than my 2013 700 to start.

My Queens Kodi doesn't do it as often as mine. She must be nicer than I am.

This seems to be hardwired into the ECU maybe EPA related.
My 2017 is the same way still after a short 175 miles.
Always have to push the button twice. Only thing about it that bothers me is if I'll ever try to start it in front of my hardcore Honda fan cousin who will use it as a reason to laugh at my machine while he fires up his Honda Foreman that was designed broken in every other aspect from the start.
On cold start only, Blip the throttle about 1/4 to 1/2 let go, start, problem goes away. Or argue with me about fuel injection.......and crank two or three times. Not necessary on all machines, just some. Report back.
I own a 2016 grizz, the only thing I do different than most is I run "thin" oil (0W-40 full syn or 0W-30 semi-syn) and hold the start button a nanosecond longer after fire-up. NEVER hit button twice!! (ok, ok maybe 3x in over 4000 kms)
I Have been thinking about this more, there is a slight fuel pump pressure up that I can hear, so my unanswered question to self is, am I blipping the throttle while this is pressurizing and that is the answer, or just allowing time for fuel pump to do its job is the answer or let it pressurize then blip the throttle, for a shot of juice, will explore more.
While the cold season is not really here yet, my old 660 would really grind the starter more then the 2017 Griz. Sometimes takes two starts and when cold I still tap the throttle a few times of habit. Not too concerned
My 2017 grizz 700 does the same thing when the weather is coldish, 5deg C. & below was one temp I noted, as soon as the temp went up to about 12deg C. it started 1st hit but had a slight catch, higher temps no problems, you can use a bit of throttle on start up but cold motor & top end drained of oil over night makes me uncomfortable about doing this.(just me) Sooooo being of an inquiring mind I did some google search's on it & my take on it was that the cold start up position for the TPS was at 0%, a lot of guys reset them to 15-20% & no more problems BUT later models won't let you get your horrible fingers into the computer to reset them, all about EPA stuff the dealer has to be conned into doing, if anyone has come up with an easier fix, I'm all ears (my dealer is 2.5hrs away) :smile2:
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Seems like I remember somebody mentioning that cycling the key twice prior to a cold start helped. Maybe try that.
For my '08, I always wait after I turn the key on until the dash pod is all lit up and what sounds like the fuel pump winding up shuts off, hit the button, fires right up every time, no matter temp or how long it has sat.
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