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Annual Wolf Pen Gap trip 2017

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We got back from our annual trip to Wolf Pen Gap in Mena, AR. We had a great time and I shot lots of video that will take some time to go through and put a video together. We brought my son and his machine along on this trip with the intent of him riding with us some. That didn't work out as the dust was insane which caused major visibility issues. It was so bad, in fact, that I dont know how much of my video will be useful. We'll see. He was disappointed that he didn't get to ride his machine with mom and dad but he understood and had a great time riding in ours and the other rzr's that were there.

As I said, a great time was had by all. There was one casualty on this trip. A rzr 800 broke a front A-Arm about two miles from anything resembling a road that it could be trailered out on. And that was a rough two miles! We attempted trail repairs but nothing came close to working. We ended up abandoning the machine for the night. They attempted to source parts the next morning with no luck. The owner and a couple others returned later that next morning with a rzr 900s. They fashioned a boom to the back of the 900s with trailer ramps and were able to get it out successfully.

The only other casualties were two of the same rzr's tires which took several plugs, a tire and wheel on one other rzr on which both are destroyed, and then there was this....

I noticed my right rear didn't look right on a trail break. I didn't feel it while riding and wasn't taking it easy! Somehow, it still had a pound of air in it when we checked it so maybe it had just happened. Eight plugs later, it was holding air and I was back in business. Yes, eight plugs... I also found this when we were loading up to go home. That crack wasn't there when I plugged it.

And then I also noticed this...

Nice little cut there. I'm thinking that tire is done. I haven't looked really close at the other rear, but I wouldn't be shocked to find similar damage. If so, I might be buying a couple new tires. This was all done at Fourche Mountain which is about 25 miles from Wolf Pen Gap. Apparently, there's some pretty damn sharp rocks around there.

We got about 205 miles (according to the Griz's trip odometer) in for the whole trip. We managed about 21 miles after arriving the first day, 85 the second day, about 55 the third day and about 45 the last morning before loading up and leaving that afternoon. I stayed on the Griz the whole trip. Thankfully, I was able to dodge having to get in the rzr.

I'll update the thread more when I have more time and more pics uploaded.
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Heading out of town. Stopped at Denny's for our traditional start of vacation breakfast.

Hard at work trying to fix that damn rzr...

The wife and I on a quick trail break.

The Griz back at the cabins. This was after day 3 I believe. You can see there's no mud to speak of. That's almost all dust! You can also see the blue '12 Griz I picked up awhile back. I held onto it for the wife to ride, which she did on day 3. She did very well and got plenty of air throughout the day. She hasn't lost any atv skills driving that rzr. lol. I'm sure I have some decent video of her riding. My buddy with the black '14 SE also rode that day. It was great to have a couple other Grizzlies on the trail with me!!

Great times with great friends.
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