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Another elka thread! Elkas for Christmas! What calibration do you guys have?

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So I have been eying elkas for quite some time like most of us. I'm 99% sure I'm getting a set of stage 3s for the grizz for Christmas from the ole lady. It's suppose to be a surprise but I've been giving her technical info so when she orders em she will get em set up right.

I called and talked to a salesman and at first he told me recreational calibration. I told him I ride 25-30 mph at times through rough terrain at places like royal blue in East Tennessee. Hit some jumps etc. Other times easier riding of 12-18 through tighter root filled trails and rocks at home. And some smoother trails. As well as technical sections with huge rocks and ledges at slower speeds. Then he asked which shocks I was looking at and I said stage 3. He then says oh yes pound the sh!t out of them they will take it. Even says I can easily add my 118 lb passenger and be good to go. So I make the notes for her on my Christmas list-recreational calibration.

So I had never been on an actual computer on their site til this morn, and the actual rider profile and how it's described it looks like I would need the sport/performance calibration. For recreational how it reads doesn't fit my riding style, and they suggest stage 1 or 2 for that. And stage 3 or 4 for how I ride, and for sport/performance. She called yesterday I know and placed the order. After looking at the site today I'm wondering just what I'm gonna end up with calibration wise and if I need to tell her to call back even tho I'm not suppose to know about it all hahaha.

So wondering what calibration you guys that have them are running and how you ride and your suggestions and thoughts. Sorry for the long post. Trying not to leave out any needed details!

Thanks in advance!
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:icon_ laughup:Maybe she order them for her Grizzly...
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:icon_ laughup:Maybe she order them for her Grizzly...
Lol she doesn't have one. We ride double at times tho:wink2:
When I ordered mine I told them I ride it like I stole it. They came in perfect for me.
When I ordered mine I told them I ride it like I stole it. They came in perfect for me.
Thanks for the reply! I do mine at times as well haha. I believe they sent her to a us dealer, recreational motor sports in Iowa. I may better risk calling them and make sure they don't tell her I called, cause she will be pissed. She likes to surprise me, and I always guess everything. I'm not much on surprises. I'm also so OCD and picky a purchase this big, I want em perfect!
I had my stage 3's set up for trail riding and slow crawling and I thought they were to still at first, they got better once they got broke in, then I ended up softening the compression a few clicks and spring preload, and they are money.
Wow, what a great Christmas present!!
I wish I could get Elkas for Christmas!! Lucky man hope you get em dialed in and enjoy
I had my stage 3's set up for trail riding and slow crawling and I thought they were to still at first, they got better once they got broke in, then I ended up softening the compression a few clicks and spring preload, and they are money.
Pretty much the same here. I ended up softening up a few clicks but have not adjusted the preload.
Someone loves you! You enjoy those for me! Lol.
I wonder if your Oem take off shocks would fit my 09 Grizzly, if so might be interested in buying them.
I am thinking about Elka's as well for my 2016 Kodiak 700 EPS. I fell for the sales pitch about the hard working Kodiak and bought that instead of the grizzly thinking it would be more durable. I adjusted the preload on the shocks to the stiffest and the softest position and this thing is still not fun to ride when hammering rocky trails. I had a 2005 Sportsman 700 that was like riding on a couch through ANY terrain. This Kodiak is light years behind that McPherson strut suspension of 2005.
What do you guys think, if I spend the money, am I gonna get what I want or should I just sell it and move on. I was going to just live with it but I was going down a washed out downhill trail the other day and the left front wheel hit the bank hard, it bottomed, jerked the bars and tweaked my wrist pretty good. That's when I started thinking about this again.
Whats the honest opinion from people who have spent the cash on Elka's already.
KYGrizzly... I don't know anything of value about elka shocks. I'd call in about the settings ask them to clarify and to keep your conversation themselves. If you were unhappy with settings it could cloud the thought.

DrMud... the 16 shocks are too long for the 09
Thanks for all the replies fellas! I called and talked to recreational motorsports which is the dealer handling the actual sale here in the us. He confirmed that recreational/trail calibration would be best for my conditions and style of riding. He said sport/performance would be too stiff. Basically him and the sale guy at elka both gave the same recommendation, so with that and you other guys that have em in that calibration as well all saying the same thing, should be perfect for me.

With all that said, I have been very very pleased with how the stock shocks have performed. I have pounded through some very rocky rutted terrain at speed. I've had other people on diff machines trying to follow me and they are just like I'm getting beat to death I don't see how your riding through that stuff this fast.

I'm a light rider, 140 max with clothes and boots on. I assume yamaha has the shocks set for a more average size person of 180-200ish lbs. The rear shocks even on full soft on preload are a little too stiff for me solo until I start to pick up the pace and then it just eats up the terrain. My machine actually rides the best when I ride double and add that 118 lbs to the back, and turn the preload back to stock, 1 step from full soft.

So what I'm expecting is a machine that will now be set to my weight and riding style, and the shocks themselves are gonna be light years ahead of a stock shocks anyhow. I can wait to get em installed Christmas and ride!

Dr mud, I agree that they seem to be too long for the 13 and older machines with the shorter a arms. I'm not gonna sell them anyhow tho, cause when I get the new 850 twin grizzly in 2020-2022, lmao, I'll sell this grizz with the stock shocks and try to recoup some money on the elkas.
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