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another new member

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hey friends. im a new 2018 grizzly owner. i hope to learn a lot and hopefuly give some feedback when i can. i do have one question and if someone can share the page on wheels. do the grizzly need off sets for the rears? thanks.
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Welcome to GC. Here’s the tire and wheel forum in GC. You should be able to find about any answer to your question with a little searching. If you have troube, feel free to post up your question in the appropriate section. Congrats on the new machine and post up pics of that bad azzz Griz when you get a chance.
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Welcome to GC from Maine.
Welcome 2 GC.
Hey...scary...Welcome to GC from Wisconsin. A person don't really need offset wheels if they want to stick with the stock offset.
Welcome from Pennsylvania! You made a great choice in your Grizzly. Enjoy!

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Welcome from Colorado.
Welcome from Maine! The +2016 is pretty wide compared to other year models, but assuming you’re asking about offset for aftermarket tires - my answer would be ‘no’ typical stock offset will do. I did bump mine an extra 2” inches (1” each wheel) by going with a 10” (5+5) in the rear. This sticks out past the stock plastics so you may consider aftermarket overfenders. I bought Direction2 and feel they match the plastic ‘lines’ perfectly.

I first want to say welcome to GC from Klondike country. Lol! As far as wheel offsets go, I guess I thought you were talking do you need a different wheel offsets for the rear. The answer there would be no. Straight axles are like that, the 2002 and newer Grizzly models are not. Now if Opie is right, then I would say that as long as you don't ride trails with 50inch gates you'll be fine going with a wider offset. I would say get fender flares because you ride in any mud or snow you will end up covered when your done riding. Just search "official wheel tire thread" there are still lots of good pictures of setups there since the PB fiasco. Enjoy the site!
Welcome to GC from Tn and congrats on the new beast
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