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Arisun Swamp Things. Thoughts?

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These Arisun Wild Thing's look like they would be some really nice tires. 1.5 lugs. They have a similar pattern as zillas, cst wild things, etc, but especially alot like the pro armor dagger tires, but at like half the price. I found a place to get a full set of 27 or 28in at 400 bucks for these swamp things... I'm really considering getting 27 inch, but they do run a bit on the heavy side. 27" are 33 (front) lbs and 39 lbs (back), but require 14" rims, which kind of sucks since I have 12" itp hurricanes at the moment. but has anyone seen these in action? or heard about them? I can't find nothing about these, or the pro armor dagger, and they look like some pretty good tires.



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