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Hi guys!

Currently we testing demand on ATV/UTV trailer we've designed.
Below are some pictures of it & short description.
Our team would highly appreciate if you'd post some comments on the idea, as:
  • would you buy such trailer?
  • would you use the trailer for business activities?
  • your opinion on the idea?
  • what information you'd add to the promo?

"Mountan Tours" versatile trailer for ATV's & UTV's

A brand new recreational vehicle for personal use and business.
The new level of outdoor camping & tourist comfort.
Glamping at wild nature.
Wheel Tire Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive parking light

Trailer dimensions (LxWxH): 10 x 4 x 4 ft
Body dimensions (LxWxH): 7 x 4 x 2 ft
Trailer weight: 441lb
Carrying capacity: 2205 lb
Body volume: 317 gal
Tire Wheel Ecoregion Plant Vehicle

Font Screenshot Electronic device Machine Engineering


We see several ways of using the trailer as source of income

Option 1: Rent out the trailer together with an ATV
Option 2: Rent out only the trailer

Sample calculation
Automotive parking light Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive lighting


$ 12,000 - the "Mountain tours" trailer equipped for 3 persons
$ 3,000 - the tent with oven and floor Premium Hot Tent (hexagon, 150 sq.ft)
$ 1,500 - auxiliary equipment (bed, table, chair and etc.)
$ 1,000 - delivery

TOTAL $17500

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Welcome from Colorado.
I wouldn't try one of those in this area terrain behind a Grizzly, I would use a slide in truck camper left parked at a trail head.
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Ok I'll give my opinion.

First welcome from Massachusetts.

Now there might be a sales market with government organizations that set up temporary camps such as forest fire fighters, search parties and the like but I think you'll find that private riding clubs that could justify spending twelve plus thousand dollars for hot showers are going to be few and far between. The rental idea might gain more traction, including with the government, but getting it out to the far flung and remote destinations they will want it delivered to will pose an expensive problem for you.

Another issue to think about is like Ridgway says about his Colorado trails it's also way too big for most of our wooded northeastern trails too. I imagine the same would be true anywhere with similar tree cover. The problem is unless the terrain is table top flat the boxy corners will get smashed to bits on the tree trunks and low hanging branches that line the trail. I would suggest you consider shrinking it considerably to maybe half that size and angle off those boxy upper corners,

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My $0.02:

No, I'd never buy or rent that. I don't buy into the idea of having to take the entire house with you when you ride, camp, or overland.

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All the above are rather on target, when I do an overnighter with the ATV, I take a more or less well equipped backpacking gear and the luxury of a small cooler. I have a pretty decent small trailer I use for firewood and it would be destroyed on most trails here in Colorado, something bigger/heavier would be a no go or worse tissue damage.

On the fire side; very remote spike camps are just that, often very remote with few roads, the larger spike camps are often decently equipped, on the more remote spike camps Hot Meals can flown in by helicopter or good old MRE's. A shower might just be a dip in a stream or you wait for a few weeks to get a shower. If your interested in the Fire side, contact a local dispatch center to see if something they might be interested in or apply to be a contractor for the BLM, USFS, etc...

The product looks interesting but you are approaching towable tear drop self contained small camper costs. J

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Nice looking trailer, age luxury features, but not something your everyday average atv rider is going to buy. Especially at a price point 1.5x the cost of the machine towing it.
It would be a very select market, and i personally believe that select market would be too small to make mass production of these trailers a profitable endeavor. One off custom or small quantity builds would be best route, but then the build price will most likely increase forcing the final price to rise.

In my own experience, i couldn't tow that thing through any of my trails where i would need to camp overnight or for a werkend. We tend to pack lite, small 3-4 person tent, sleeping bag, pillow, cooler with food and a camp stove. Front rack on bike holds it all.

A trailer would make it difficult in several spots on most of my trails, sharp turns throgh woods, ditches and embankments to cross. It would just pose too many problems, but yes it would be a nice setup to rest at after a long day of riding.

I forgot to mention, yamaha has one of the top towing capacities on the market in the 700 to 1000 class, and this trailer is 900lbs gross heavier than the bimes tow capacity.

I haven't really worked my 700 kodiak like i have the old 450 honda work horse, but i know 600lbs of gravel, rocks, or sand on the trailer for trail maintenance was not fun to haul around, pulling was fine, but braking on some hills was sketchy, and thankfully the honda had a geard trans to help hold it back. I couldn't imagine almost 4 times that weight behind a bike that only weighs 200 to 400 lbs more than that old honda. Something that heavy behind an atv should have its own trailer brakes, yet another added cost.

As nice as it is, it just doesn't seem like a great idea to me.

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Expensive and my grizzly has a towing tounge weight of about 30-35 lbs. I would expect that trailer to be beyond that limit.
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