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Nice looking trailer, age luxury features, but not something your everyday average atv rider is going to buy. Especially at a price point 1.5x the cost of the machine towing it.
It would be a very select market, and i personally believe that select market would be too small to make mass production of these trailers a profitable endeavor. One off custom or small quantity builds would be best route, but then the build price will most likely increase forcing the final price to rise.

In my own experience, i couldn't tow that thing through any of my trails where i would need to camp overnight or for a werkend. We tend to pack lite, small 3-4 person tent, sleeping bag, pillow, cooler with food and a camp stove. Front rack on bike holds it all.

A trailer would make it difficult in several spots on most of my trails, sharp turns throgh woods, ditches and embankments to cross. It would just pose too many problems, but yes it would be a nice setup to rest at after a long day of riding.

I forgot to mention, yamaha has one of the top towing capacities on the market in the 700 to 1000 class, and this trailer is 900lbs gross heavier than the bimes tow capacity.

I haven't really worked my 700 kodiak like i have the old 450 honda work horse, but i know 600lbs of gravel, rocks, or sand on the trailer for trail maintenance was not fun to haul around, pulling was fine, but braking on some hills was sketchy, and thankfully the honda had a geard trans to help hold it back. I couldn't imagine almost 4 times that weight behind a bike that only weighs 200 to 400 lbs more than that old honda. Something that heavy behind an atv should have its own trailer brakes, yet another added cost.

As nice as it is, it just doesn't seem like a great idea to me.

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