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Best option for my 660 airbox?

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Hey everyone, so, a bit of back story, I got my Grizzly and it only had three clips on the airbox and one holder for the clips was broken. Last time I was out riding I lost yet another clip. So I am wondering if I should just order some new clips or if there is another (affordable) option that I really should look into. Discussion is welcome!
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How are the clips coming off? on mine, On my 660, I had issues with the attachment loops on the air box breaking causing the clips to get lost. You may have to fab something if those loops are broken. Or I guess the alternative is to get a new air box.
I think the clips got damaged. They just fell out of the holders. I will see if I can't fabricate something.
The reason I started the thread was to make sure that there isn't a better design I could buy. In case anyone is wondering.
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