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Best winch for least money? 2012 700

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Howdy folks! I guess i better get myself a winch before i get stuck for the 1st time. Im sure "that" will eventually happen! Has anyone found the perfect winch for a 2012 700? I assume there are probably numerous that will work, so i figured i would ask the experts. Thanks in advance and have a great day!

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Try a mad Dog. I have that on two machines and love it. made by KFI I believe. good price, and better factory warranty than warn.
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Superwinch terra series 2500 or 3500lbs .
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I Bought a cheapo from ebay its a 4000lb no name and came with the entire kit ( wiring, fairlead, handlebar switch, and remote control) all for $100
I once bought a cheap Harbor Freight 2000lb winch with wireless remote for a friend for his Eiger for Christmas. It was on sale for $49.
While it was used for the winter to operate his plow, no other use arose for it throughout the summer (machine only had 150 miles on it when he sold it). The following winter, went to plow, and winch didn't work. It was broken permanently with unknown issue until he sold it.

I think I will always stick to Warn, KFI, or Superwinch.

I used to work at a dealer. We sold Suzuki and Honda (I always talked the customer into the Suzuki). 75% of the machines we sold we gave them a great deal on a KFI winch installed on their machine upon delivery, unless there was a factory-sponsored Warn winch promotion. I don't recall a single issue with a customer ever coming back with a KFI winch problem.

And those damn Hondas honestly had more service issues than the Suzukis did. But we sold a lot of Rincons and they completely suck as a machine and are a service nightmare. While the Suzuki Eiger AKA King Quad 400 is the most trouble-free and tough machine I have ever seen.
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