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Can't start in gear.

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Only recently did I realize, that my buddy can start his 09 Grizzly in gear simply by applying the brakes.
Mine needs to be in park or neutral to start.
Since I purchased my machine used 10 months ago I never even knew I was lacking this very handy feature.
I'm guessing the circuit is nothing more then a bypass switch on your brake handle to simulate the same function as the neutral and Park switch.
Usually I'd take out my multimeter and start checking things but this time I decided to try using this site's search witch didn't give me much help.

Another thing I'll add is on my Grizzly you do not need to apply the brakes to move the shifter around. That system seems to has been bypassed. I'm thinking the previous owner bypassed that feature and inadvertently caused the start in gear feature to no longer function.

Presently my attention is more focused on getting my 700 Venture ready for the 2018 season but after that I going to start trouble shooting the start in gear feature on my Grizzly.

Appreciate anyone else's experience on this minor issue. Thanks.
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Check the brake light fuse.
Finally took the time to figure out this issue.
Checked the 5 amp fuse it was fine. Checked my brakes to see if they eluminated the rear brake lights. Front brakes did, rear brakes didn't. Grabbed my multimeter but the battery was dead.
So I said, "F... it!"
Pulled the wires of the rear brake switch and pop in a jumper wire. Bang! Bike started in high gear, and tail light was brake light bright. Long story short, rear brake switch failed.

Case closed....
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Thanks for posting back the fix and closing the thread properly. Really appreciate it.
Somehow missed this thread when it was first posted. Was going to suggest that. I've had to replace mine before.
Somehow missed this thread when it was first posted. Was going to suggest that. I've had to replace mine before.
I am in the same boat as you. I missed it completely until he posted the fix.
Vincent...Thanks for posting back..I have been battling the same problem on my 13 for a while. It has a wire worn some where that I have not been able to find. I replace the fuse and have brake lights and starting in gear for a day or two then with no consistency the fuse pops. Need to find the problem this winter.
Ordered my new switch today. Happy I'll finally get to utilize that useful feature I was completely oblivious to!
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