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Catalytic removal on Kodiak 700

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Hi guys!
I only whant to share todays experiance, as I couldent find any info about cat removal, even after days on the net both on kodiak and grizzly forums.

If you cut the muffler aprox 3mm before the first weld on the inlet sides big main part, you will save the innercore and get muffler apart.
From that you will have the catalytic just in front of you located in the middle muffler.
I used a 10mm diameter drill with plently long lengt to drill the cat, and then hammered it apart to pices.

Then I welded the muffler back together and grinded the weld, it's nearly not visible from the outside after painting.

The soundlevel is about the same as with the cat in with the oem sparkarestor cap, but the the bike runs cooler and better!

Next step is to made a higher flow endcap in 35-40mm range, with the outlet pipe sticking in to aprox 35-40mm before the last baffle to make the gases take a return before escaping.

Hope the sound level will be at aceptable levels with a good sound from the new cap when I done it.

I have a EHS tuner on, and the ais is blocked.
Sadly, I didnt take some photos

Cheers from Sweden
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