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Checking spark plug - I feel stupid

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So I was trying to do a full service on my '16 Grizzly. Im trying to do all the services and work myself, so it's done right and I have that feel of pride. I am not a mechanic by any means, when I came across trying to check the spark plug I really felt stupid. I went by the guide, had everything off and went to grab the rubber piece the manual says to check the spark plug. A whole piece pulled out of the motor which I want you all to see the pics and help me. Laugh of course, but I'm trying to learn and do it correctly myself. Why did the whole piece come out, then once put it back in it wouldn't start unless I wiggled it a little bit into a certain place. Even though I have it back where it starts up, is it hurting the atv by not being correct. What am I doing wrong or better yet, besides the manual and pictures how can I do this properly?
Maybe the pictures are bad, but as you can see I followed the directions which said to lift up the rubber tip and then use a wrench to get out the spark plug. Well once I pulled out the rubber tip, a portion of the whole piece came out. I really don't want to mess this unit up, even though I have the 4 year extended warranty, I have babied this thing being so proud to finally had a little extra money to buy my own prize, besides always going to kids and family. I have a long way to go on learning which is why I am asking for help from all of you besides dropping it off at a dealership to do it.
This is a '16 Grizzly SE please help if you can teach me how to do this correctly. Thank you all.


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Nothing to worry about, that's normal. The reason it's so long is to get down to the combustion chamber through the full length of the head. Being it's an overhead cam motor, it's gotta go a LOT further down to reach the sparkplug than say, a lawn mower. If it runs, you're golden. Worst that'll happen is you'll get a misfire, which will just feel like a studder/ rough idle. Just make sure when you push the plug wire down the hole that you get a feeling like it snapped or clicked into place at the bottom.

We're glad to help with whatever you need!! :)
+1 on that whole piece coming out. It's all part of the boot. If you take it off again and shine a flashlight down in there you'll see the connector that grabs the tip of the spark plug. You have to make sure that connector gets a good grip on the top of the plug. That's probably why it wouldn't start. Might need to be shoved down on there better. Don't be gentle.
Thanks for sharing. Haven’t had my spark plug out yet but I would have been thinking I broke something if I saw that too. Never had one that long before.

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Remember you will need a thin wall socket for the plug. Do not buy the dealer rip off. Just go buy a whole set for the same price.
YouTube is your friend also and never hurts to ask questions. It’s the only way to learn..... that and breaking things haha

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