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Clutch info please

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Does a greaseless clutch respond faster than a greased clutch? I ask this because if the roller weights are the same wouldn’t the grease add weight as well. And since adding and subtracting an ounce here and there makes a difference in the clutch performance, then adding and ounce of grease in each ramp should account for something,no?

How many different kinds of roller weights are out there for my 2017 grizzly 700 and who makes them, other than factory Yamaha of course?
I am going with Coops set up when I pull the trigger , but I’m on the fence about greaseless and whether I go same , heavy or lighter weights. I do a lot of mixed riding, snow plow many driveways in winter, slow crawling to opening it up in New Hampshire and Maine.
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During operation the grease is slung to the outside of the movable primary sheave and I haven't found more than a light coating of grease in the weights during inspection, after operation.
I don't think the grease adds enough weight to affect the timing of weight movement in the channels, and any grease on the weight(s) becomes uniform so any effects from grease are uniform over time.
As for options, I use round weights from Yamaha and from E.P.I. in varying weights to influence up-shift timing. The grease is a pain during handling, but the greased weights work for me.
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