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Clutching Suggestions..

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Hey there grizzlycentral folks.I have a 2016 grizzly 700,I have had for allmost 6 months now.I put some 30 silverback tires on couple months back and i have been noticing the power difference..What should i do to the clutches??Thanks
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Welcome from Colorado.
You need to raise the pulley ratio to magnify the available engine torque, and that is done with machining, shim and weight selection.
Then use the lightest secondary spring to transfer the torque without the belt slipping.
Measure your roll-out with the stock tires to compare to the new tires to determine the difference in true diameter between the two by ratio.
You have to raise the pulley ratio the same percentage as the difference in tire diameter ratio to get the stock feel back, and several members have raised the pulley ratio more for better than stock low end pull.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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