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Code 12 won't clear

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Hi everyone. As the title says I have a code 12 on my 2008 Grizzly 700. I went riding and my air box wasn't on 100%. Thus is sucked in water right through the throttle body. Quad died right then and there so I got towed back to camp. I pulled the spark plug got the water out, and replaced with a new spark plug. I got the quad running went for a quick ride then came back into camp and shut the quad off to do an oil change. Went to start it I got a code 12 and since I was camping and didn't have all my tools I can't do much about it.
So I get the quad home tore it apart I replaced the stator but I'm still getting a code 12... so I think it's my battery I hook up my booster cables to my truck and start the truck (truck batt is good). Get my multimeter out I got good voltage so I try to clear the code it still won't clear.
So I've run out of ideas I have a new stator and pickup, battery is ruled out and the spark plug is new. I'm not sure what else to do other than take it to the dealership. Which I know will hurt the wallet which has already been hurt spending almost 400$ on the stator.
Any help is appreciated!


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Rotate the crank shaft by hand with a socket and ratchet counterclockwise like you would if you were going to check/adjust the valve clearance. This will get the code cleared. Now whether it will start up and run, will be a diff story. Good luck post back with an update.
To add, the code 12 is because a signal from the Crankshaft position sensor is not being received. That is the sensor that is also part of the package when you replaced the stator. But you can also get that code when your battery and/or circuit does not have enough voltage to send the signal.

Are you 100% sure your battery is good? A reading of voltage direct from the battery is not an absolute that the battery is good. If you are getting 12.5 volts off of the battery, it points towards being good but I would still have it load tested (most auto shops and Walmart will do this for free) after you've had that battery on a proper battery charger overnight. However, your mention of drowning the bike, along with mods that include a snorkel, leads me to believe that I would be checking for a fouled connector or chassis ground that needs dealt with. At least that would be something you really should look into as cleaning that up will only help your situation.
Welcome to GC.
I will try rotating the crank and see if that clears the code when I get home.
Also with the battery voltage. I had my battery tender hooked up tI'll it said it was fully charged. Then I hooked up my booster cables to my truck and to my quad battery. So I know the voltage was good. I metered 14.3v when I had the booster cables on. I will check my ground when I have the chance as well.
So I rotated the crack counter clockwise and put it back together. Tried to clear the code, but the code 12 is still showing in the gauge pod. I have a battery tester on my multimeter and it's telling me that it's good. As well as my grounds to the chassis are good.
I'm really running out of ideas here...
Also the starter cranks over just fine just won't crank the motor.
Our forum vendor, 501 Parts.com is kind enough to have a link to the 700/550 Service Manual that you can download via a link at the bottom of this page, Troubleshooting ? 501 Parts.com . Download it and go to page 9-34 for the Error Codes. You'll see that 12 states "Crankshaft position sensor" and "No normal signals are received from the crankshaft position sensor".

I can assure you that a faulty electrical circuit where there is not enough voltage can cause an Error 12 because I had it happen to me by a battery that showed 12 volts but was not holding Amps, i.e. failed a load test. I do understand that certainly would not be the only reason. What does the voltage read when you are actively trying to crank the motor? Now, I'm not saying you have an identical issue but based upon what you are reporting it seems likely there is something, by way of a battery or electrical connection, causing a lack of voltage for the CPS to send it's signal.
I have a service manual, and have read that as well. Which is what made me test the OHM's on the stator which were out of spec. So I figured replacing the stator and the pickup would've fixed my problem. But to no avail so... I took my old battery out and bought a new one. I have the new one charging right now, when I get home from work ill connect it and try to clear the code. If the code still doesn't clear not sure what else it could be. Because it ran after I swamped it so I don't see it being wiring.
Was hoping you would have brought the existing battery to an auto parts store and had it load tested to know... or was the test you performed specifically a load test?
My multi meter has a battery load tester on it. It checked out okay, but I decided to pick up a new battery anyways. Just to cancel anything to do with the battery. Also I know my ground is good to the frame/battery.
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