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Code 46 no start motor

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Hello to all
I write from Mallorca SPAIN I have a grizzly 700 2007 and it gives me problems of error 46 and it does not turn on the engine:
1. I have changed and charged the battery,
2. I have changed the electric regulator,
3 I have changed the spark plug and the ignition coil,
4 I checked the cables one by one,
5 I changed the stator and it keeps giving me the same error and it does not start the engine, it only hits sometimes firecrackers,

do you know what else I can do? , can it be a problem with the ECU?



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Bernat..Welcome to GC from Wisconsin.

Have you ever seen a error code 12?

The crankshaft positioning sensor maybe bad or install wrong.
Welcome to GC from Maine USA. Sorry you are having trouble, these guys will be able to help.
Hi thank you for answering me,
I never got the error code 12 ...
You can test the crankshaft positioning sensor with a volt ohm meter.
The resistance should be between 459 and 561 ohms.
Hi I have 512 ohms
That checks good.

Did the machine stop running before you changed all of those parts?

I may not be installed correctly. Is the new stator an after market or OEM. I ask because some after market stators have had the CPS wires reversed.

Have you adjusted the valves lately?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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